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Fall Quarter

September 2014- November 2014

Join us on Sunday Morning at 9:30 AM


"Sustaining Hope"

Studies in The Old Testament

This class will cover the following topics:

Unit 1. The Days are Surely Coming...A Study in Jeremiah

Value Emphasized: Hope

Unit 2.  Dark Nights of The Soul...A Study in Habakkuk and Job

Value Emphasized: Honesty

Unit 3. Visions of Grandeur...A Study in Ezekiel and Isaiah

Value Emphasized: Awe and Wonder

Kids: Ages 4-11


Unit 1: Jesus Heals
Because Jesus healed others, kids will discover
He still has the power to heal today.

Unit 2: God is Our Source
Through Esther, Jeremiah, and others, kids will
discover that following God, the Source, helps to
bring them guidance, courage, faith, wisdom, and love.

Unit 3: Gratitude
Kids will see the relationship of receiving gifts and
experiencing God's love for them. They will learn about
Jehoshaphat and others who were grateful.

And Our...

Student Ministries 

~ Youth & College ~


'Developing the Disciplines of a Sincere Faith'

Has hypocrisy crept into your life? It doesn't just happen

overnight. Drifting into hypocrisy is a long, drawn-out

journey away from God's best for you life and toward a

two-faced existence.

How do you know when your inner self has deteriorated...

when you've become an expert at presenting a

faithful-looking facade?

Hold up the mirror of God's word and take a look.

Our students will explore the disciplines of Bible study,

personal prayer, fasting, fellowship, and service for Christ.

Come and grow with us!


Please join us each Sunday morning at 9:30am

Nursery available for children ages 0-3